DeMatha Cancels Game with Bishop Sycamore

One week after Bishop Sycamore’s blowout 58-0 loss to IMG Academy on national television, DeMatha has cancelled its game with the “Ohio School” over concerns the “school” is not legitimate. A photo of their website is above and listed as “”Coming Soon”. Classes are taught online through Excel and registration begins today, September 1. They aren’t accredited by the state. The state lists Bishop Sycamore’s mailing address as a post office box, and its “physical address” as 3599 Chiller Lane in Columbus — the address of Resolute Athletic Complex, an indoor sports facility. Bishop Sycamore reported an enrollment of three students last year. Bishop Sycamore is not a member of the Ohio High School Athletic Association. The list goes on.

“We have been doing a lot of researching, and after discussing it with our coaching staff, we decided to cancel that game with Bishop Sycamore because they have ineligible players and it would be a liability issue. We think this is the right decision,” DeMatha Carolina president Fr. James R. Day told the USA Today.

In total, four schools have cancelled games with Bishop Sycamore since the 58-0 loss, and the head coach, Roy Johnson, was fired. It was revealed Johnson had an active warrant out for his arrest and he was facing a civil lawsuit for alleged fraud. DeMatha was scheduled to play Sycamore on Oct. 1, but the school is now trying to find a replacement.

“This is high school football,” McGregor told the USA Today. “You just assume that everyone is following the same high school federation rules and you agree to go play somebody.”

To read the entire USA Today article, click here.

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1 Comment

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